AC Planning Solutions - Case Studies

conservation area
Client Testimonial

Throughout our planning application Andrew Case acted in a professional
manner.Keeping us regularly informed. Proving his ability and specialist
knowledge. We would have no hesitation in recommending AC
Planning Solutions.

C & S Graley
Stroud Carpets Ltd

Client Testimonial

The redevelopment of the Jet & Whittle Public House was a complex scheme in that it was more of an urban regeneration project than a traditional housing scheme, yet Andy took it all in his stride, negotiating with officers at the local authority, as well as arranging meetings with all of the various local stakeholders who had an interest in what will happen to the site. The result was a resounding ‘yes’ at committee within 3 months of submission, at a density more akin to a city centre development rather than one in the corner of a suburban estate. Andy is a young man with a great future in this industry.

Guy Aldworth
Director – Awbridge Estates

Client Testimonial

Andy Case was originally recommended to us because of his Development Control experience and existing relationships with the Council. We found him to be personable and easy to deal with. He was very thorough in all his dealings, and we always felt comfortable that whilst he was clear with us about the potential pitfalls we might meet along the way, he was ‘on our side’ and clearly a sensitive and effective negotiator. He told us exactly how he saw our situation, advised and implemented an appropriate strategy and, ultimately, we achieved all our requirements in line with the work he carried out.

Penny Lyon
owner of Olivers

Client Testimonial

Andy has complete understanding of the planning system in Stroud. He is methodical with attention to detail. He is a very nice person to work with and achieved planning for me where many others had failed. I would not hesitate in recommending his services to a prospective client.

Tom George
owner of Down Farm

Client Testimonial

Andy worked with me on my developments at Broadview and Tockshill Cottage and on both projects his input was invaluable. At Broadview his knowledge of the methods of the Conservation Department of the local Council saved my Company from potential disaster. At Tockshill Cottage, Andy handled the appeal after my planning was refused by the District Council. The appeal was successful, prompting one of the objectors to grudgingly concede - “ He's very good, that chap of yours”. He is very good. His knowledge of Planning Law is second to none, he is highly organised in his thinking and arguments and terrier-like in his attitude to getting answers from recalcitrant planning departments. He is also always happy to give advice for free. I have recommended his services to several people, and they have all thanked me for the recommendation. I shall continue to do this, and to use him in my future developments.

Nick Hardy
Director – Porter Jump Ltd

Royal Town Planning Institute